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Similar to other web-based multiplayer games like, and, is a multiplayer online jet-fighter action game where the player is a pilot and the objective of the player is to shoot down other planes to reach the top of the leaderboard. The game which is still currently in beta is said to be far more pleasurable to play than it’s counterpart because it is way more immersive.

Much like, in Wings.Io there is a leaderboard of the usernames of the top players where other players aim to get to. In this game, players can regenerate their health, gain a small temporary speed boost and earn points by collecting tiny glowing yellow dots while playing the game. Players engage in intense dogfights to shoot down each other while collecting points and consequently power-ups. Piloting your plane outside of the course or into water slowly drains health which could be tough to recover. A player with low health can collect health packs from parachutes which would add to the plane’s health bar. tips, guide

Health packs aren’t the only thing that could be obtained from parachutes; weapons could also be retrieved. They can be identified by a red missile icon, orange bullets, blue cross-hair, green icon, a yellow diamond, or a purple fist. Weapons that could be obtained includes missiles, 3-shot shotguns, railgun, punch or health packs. The missile is a one shot kill type of weapon that instantly destroys any plane within its aim while the 3-shot shotgun fires a spread of three bullets each time: better for close range shots. The railgun is one of the most powerful weapons in because of its unparalleled range and it destroys a non-king plane in just one shot. The yellow diamond arms the player with a massive laser which when shot at another player slows the other player down. Similarly, the purple fist which could be referred to as a punch can exponentially increase the speed of a plane: this could be deadly to another player/plane that gets hit at such speed.
Both the purple fist and the yellow diamond effect does not last indefinitely so it is advisable you use them as soon as possible!

Players of are also able to avenge by killing the player who killed them. This is referred to as a revenge kill in-game. Planes in this game are also very customizable.



If you have ever played, you will agree with me that is a very hard game to start out small in. The game is very overwhelming for both new and average players hence this cheat was created. With this hack, climbing the highly coveted leaderboard becomes a smooth and steady process as your plane’s health can be regenerated instantly and you have access to all weapons and power-ups!. Apart from being able to climb the leaderboard with ease, this hack also enables you to be able you to unlock hidden skins. With these skins, you plane would stand out from the rest of the thousands of planes in the game.

Using the cheat tool is quite easy. Just follow the link to the private tool then follow the instructions on the tool’s page to hack


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